ISC Phlotich Pulley


The Phlotich Pulley is a multi-aperture device specifically designed for SRT and DRT.

The new Phlotich Pulley is available fitted with bushings or bearings.

Features & Benefits:
Profiled side plates capture the host line, allowing for a reduction in host line movement

Side plates mate perfectly parallel allowing for a ‘clean’ connection to the anchoring Karabiners.  The mated sideplates also allow for seamless use of a ‘Twin Leg’ Tether in SRT climbing with a Rope Wrench.  This reduces clutter and allows proper alignment of the hitch, pulley and tether on the anchoring Karabiner (in a Rope Wrench set up)

Lower anchor aperture will allow for full Karabiner rotation

Dual Karabiner Alignment- when used with Doubled Rope Climbing, the Phlotich allows the two anchoring Karabiners to be aligned efficiently on one pulley, instead of separating to two separate anchors